Brinkman Climate

Brinkman Climate develops carbon offset projects in North America, and supports the development of carbon markets around the world. We use economic tools that value keeping greenhouse gasses out of the atmosphere to develop real, on the ground projects that benefit society and the broader environment.

Services include:

  • Carbon Offset Development   We partner with landowners, technology innovators, asset owners and governments to turn climate-benefiting action into offset. Brinkman Climate brings the carbon market intelligence you need to make your offset project a success.
  • Building the Carbon Market   Emissions caps, robust exchange mechanisms and tools to empower innovation are critical elements of a price on Carbon. Brinkman Climate works with governments, industry associations, academia and civil society to help understand the policy options before us, and plot the way forward.
  • Offset Contracting & Sale   An offset projects success hinges on securing premium price, multi- year contracts and favourable commercial terms. By connecting asset owners with buyers, we increase the feasibility and ultimate success of projects in the carbon market.