Towards Financial Sustainability: Social Based Pricing

Offered by Chris Diplock of Ponder Research

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 – 6:30-9:00pm

Social Based Pricing is a pricing service designed and tested for non-profit organizations. The service is centered around designing and implementing new pricing structures in organizations.

Does your non-profit offer a fee for service? Are you wondering how to increase your earned income without compromising your social purpose? This 1.5 hour workshop will go over the steps organizations can take to evaluate the current pricing structure of your services.

Organizations will learn:

  • Costing – The importance of understanding the true financial cost of certain activities and existing costing methods.
  • Competitive Analysis – How an organization’s current pricing structure compares to similar services or organizations.
  • Client Engagement – How to engage with your clients and members on the issue of price and ensure your social purpose is not compromised.

Chris Diplock has spent the past seven years working in the social sector in Canada. Throughout his time in the social sector he has spent over 5 years chairing and sitting on various boards and committees and served various roles as President, Vice President and Treasurer. Having spent hundreds of hours in meetings and running organizations as an executive or board member, he is very familiar with the internal operations of small to large scale organizations, the process of reporting and accountability within these organizations, as well as the granting process and financial challenges.